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For CSPs, a Multitude of Partners Means a Multitude of new Demands

In my neck of the woods (I live in Australia), Telstra is one of the providers that is frequently called out as leading the charge in delivering digital services. A quick look at their website reveals a plethora of choices for consumer and business customers alike – from video-on-demand and TV anywhere to M2M tracking solutions and Telehealth services.  As Digital Service Providers go, they’re right up there.

But they’re not providing these services and solutions alone. As Telstra are doing, many CSPs are sourcing digital services from partners. After all, they can't bring them all to market from internal sources, and partnering is probably the quickest and easiest way to work with a third party (compared say with M&A or even joint ventures).

We're finding that as CSPs enter into more partnerships, they're encountering a number of unexpected challenges…

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