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Optimize Operations for Digital Growth – a Managed Services Playbook

Posted by Richard Ullenius on December 4, 2015 Topics: Managed Services

The forecasts that envision 50 billion connected devices by 2017 are simply staggering. The volume of data is one thing, but how communications service providers (CSPs) can apply valuable resources to transforming their business to support digital services, rather than managing data, connectivity and infrastructure, is another thing entirely. 

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Supporting Innovation: Foundations & Frameworks

Posted by Siobhan Ryley on September 4, 2014 Topics: Managed Services, Cloud, Innovation

As far back as 2000, McKinsey analysts John Hagel and Marc Singer theorized that “Beneath the surface of most companies are three kinds of businesses—a customer relationship business, a product innovation business, and an infrastructure business.”[1]

I believe this holds true for CSPs, and that over the years each of the three kinds of business has in turn dominated the others. CSPs have shifted focus from infrastructure (being a network business) to customer relationships (being a customer-centric business) and now, to innovation.

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Building a Base Camp in the Cloud

Posted by Alam Gill on April 15, 2014 Topics: Managed Services, Cloud

If you’re an optimist, the proverbial glass is more than half full for Communications Service Providers (CSPs) who can capitalize on new market opportunity created by consumer demand for digital services.

If you’re not an optimist, well, the market’s sharply declining margins on traditional voice services likely have your glass looking a bit empty, and data service revenues are most likely not enough to fill the void.

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