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Buzz Words to Listen for at TM Forum Live

As consumers, it’s easy to take for granted just how powerful a mobile phone service is, and how consistently “it just works” when you need it to.  But as anyone in the telecom industry knows, there is a world of complexity behind the scenes that makes it all possible – from QoS, to billing, security, rating, usability…the list goes on and on.

At this week’s TM Forum, the industry will gather to discuss new ways to address the complex business of serving the digital consumer, and I think there are a few buzz words that we’ll hear often as the week goes on. 

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The Internet of Things: is the Game Worth the Candle?

Posted by Robert Machin on January 14, 2016 Topics: IoT

"Perhaps the Play is not worth the Candle" (Works, by Sir William Temple, circa 1690) 

Or to put it another way – will the cost of the game exceed any winnings that you could possibly walk away with?  Is it even worth sitting down to play?

As games go, the IoT is about as exciting a thing as we have seen in ICT since the advent of consumer mobile communications, and the industry is savouring the prospect of – at last! – a credible new source of revenue.

As with all innovations, however, it begs some questions.

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The Sky’s the Limit to Support IoT Growth from the Cloud

Posted by Monica Ricci on August 14, 2015 Topics: IoT

The number of connected things – the Internet of Things (IoT) – grows each day.  Many IoT things are low-tech and unlikely to stimulate a business model revolution (tracking personal belongings through a Tile device, or remotely turning off your home lighting), and many others are downright silly (does anyone remember the connected fork that transmits your eating pace to a smartphone app?).  But these are surpassed by IoT use cases that offer the potential to transform entire industries and individual lifestyles. 

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Sketching the Industrial Landscape at Mobile World Congress

Posted by Robert Machin on March 13, 2015 Topics: Mobile World Congress, IoT

As ever, there was plenty of industry activity and opinion at Mobile World Congress – 5G? so soon? – but the trends that promise to  have  an immediate impact on the BSS were focused on the emerging  Internet of Things (IoT)  which seemed this year to be moving beyond speculation into some kind of reality, not least in a welcome evolution of its vocabulary.

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