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CSG's Innovation Recognized by Industry Awards [Infographic]

Posted by CSG International on December 9, 2016 Topics: Innovation, awards

Innovation isn’t always a given. But here at CSG, it’s one of our core values— we are driven to think about what others haven’t in order to enhance our customer focus. We are incredibly proud to be working with some of the most innovative brands in the cable, telecom and entertainment industries. Through our valued partnerships with our clients, we push each other in order to offer the very best in efficiency while still delivering an unparalleled customer experience for the on-the-go consumer.

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No Shortage of Advice for ‘Flatlining’ CSPs that Urgently Need to Transform their Business

Posted by Jeremy Cowan on September 30, 2014 Topics: CSPs, Innovation

It’s funny how the dynamics of a conference can change so quickly. Any CSP that only attended Day One of the CSG International EMEA* Conference in Athens last week could have left with the wrong idea entirely, and would have missed many of the ideas on how to transform their telco for the better.

During my time as Chairman of the conference in Athens, what started as an assessment of the challenges facing Communication Service Providers (mainly telcos and cable operators) morphed into a blueprint for future success. Telco representatives who left too early, however, may have done so with the intention of falling on their blunted pencils in an act of despair.

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Supporting Innovation: Foundations & Frameworks

Posted by Siobhan Ryley on September 4, 2014 Topics: Managed Services, Cloud, Innovation

As far back as 2000, McKinsey analysts John Hagel and Marc Singer theorized that “Beneath the surface of most companies are three kinds of businesses—a customer relationship business, a product innovation business, and an infrastructure business.”[1]

I believe this holds true for CSPs, and that over the years each of the three kinds of business has in turn dominated the others. CSPs have shifted focus from infrastructure (being a network business) to customer relationships (being a customer-centric business) and now, to innovation.

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