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What the Oscars Can Teach Us About the Internet TV Customer


For Hollywood, the beginning of the year means one thing: awards season. From the Golden Globes to the Oscars, contributions in film and television are honored and celebrities put on their black-tie best. As viewers, it’s fun to spend Sunday nights speculating on which film is going to win big. (La La Land is the one to beat this year, in case you haven’t heard).

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NFL in the Age of Twitter: How the Sports Content Viewing Model is Changing

As we approach the end of 2016, football fans are setting their sights on the NFL Playoffs and gearing up for the culmination of their teams’ yearlong efforts – the Super Bowl. As an avid Indianapolis Colts fan, I find myself mired in playoff speculation and debating my team’s (slim) chances. But as the year (a forgettable one for a Colts fan) draws to a close, something else about not only football, but sports overall has struck me -  not the wins or the (many) losses, or the player trades or injuries, but the way we as fans watch it.

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Why Netflix Needs Cable Partnerships

We are living in a new era of content viewing. In the last decade, streaming services like Netflix and Hulu have changed the game when it comes to giving consumers access to their favorite shows anytime, anywhere. However, recent figures show that previously explosive adoption rates might now be slowing down. In fact, Netflix recently announced its weakest subscriber expansion in three years.

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APAC Service Providers Weigh in on the Region’s Digital Journey

Posted by Ian Watterson on March 14, 2016 Topics: Digital Content, DSP

Asia Pacific communications service providers serve a massive and diverse customer base. Arguably, they face more challenges than many of their peers in other markets – whether serving some of the most advanced digital consumers in the world or starting to move away from analog services. So, we wanted to find out about their aspirations and attitudes regarding the digital economy, where they are on their digital journey, where they are going – and why.

We discovered some results you’d expect (a large proportion – 75% – of respondents have either launched digital services or are about to) and some that were more surprising (that’s why we called it our Mythbusting survey).

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Can CSPs Still Beat Netflix?

Posted by Robert Machin on February 11, 2016 Topics: Digital Content, Customer Experience, DSP

The attraction of online video was well-established long before Netflix launched in 130 countries this January. Viewers have been buying video at an ever‐increasing rate, seduced by one-click access and easy consumption on smart devices, and by an ever-expanding range of providers and content. For subscribers and viewers, these are happy days. For Netflix’ competitors, perhaps less so.

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Content Will Always be King, but Context is Key 

Posted by Robert Machin on September 16, 2015 Topics: Digital Content

Profiting from digital content is about encouraging today’s always-connected consumers to see the communications service provider (CSP) as their default go-to source of entertainment (not just communications) in a market where they don’t lack for choice.

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DSPs: the Modern World’s Purveyors of Bottled Water

Posted by Brice Clinton on May 1, 2015 Topics: Digital Content, Customer Experience, DSP

I hope there’s someone reading this out there who remembers an age when drinking water came out of a tap, a drinking fountain, or for some of us, even a hose. Perhaps like mine, your parents railed against the expense of bottled water: “Who in their right mind would pay for something you can get for free?” That childhood has passed us by, and so too has the aversion to paying for those once free amenities, like water. We love the speed, the convenience, and the peace of mind that the prepackaging brings – not unlike our growing love of convenient content, pre-packaged and ready to consume.

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Turning a Digital Browser into a Digital Consumer

Posted by Brice Clinton on August 13, 2014 Topics: Digital Content, Digital Consumer

The average internet user visits 94 different pages per day, and has an attention span of a staggering 8 seconds per page. In our technologically scatterbrained culture, capturing the digital consumer’s attention is proving ever more challenging.

So what makes a digital browser break through to become a digital consumer in those 8 seconds? As a Digital Service Provider (DSP), this is the operative question. What does a consumer expect an online experience to be, how do they interact while there, and most importantly – how do you keep them within the bounds of that experience and interacting with your brand?

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Cash in on the Digital Lifestyle: 5 Questions Cable Operators Must Ask

My family is probably like yours; we subscribe to a bundled cable service, and spend at least another $30-50 on content from OTT providers like Redbox, Amazon and Apple, every month.  Working with cable providers every day gives me a unique perspective on each of those content purchases and just how big the opportunity to profit from the digital lifestyle really is. 

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Consumers to the Digital Content Experience: “Just Let Me Buy This!”

Posted by Brice Clinton on June 25, 2014 Topics: Digital Content, Customer Experience

Amidst the sensory overload of the digital evolution, it’s ironic to me that a mundane thing like how to pay, and how easy it is to pay, can mean the difference between a loyal customer and a one-time purchase. Ironic but true; the day I couldn’t cash in my gift card to watch “The Monuments Men” sent me searching to make my purchase elsewhere.

As a Digital Service Provider (DSP), capturing the hearts and minds of consumers like me requires the ultimate flexibility in meeting expectation for easy methods to purchase digital content.  DSPs know that consumers are willing to pay for their favorite content – the question has become – how easy can you make it for consumers to buy quickly and conveniently?

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