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No Bank Account to Pay for Digital Services? No Problem!

Posted by Chad Dunavant on July 10, 2015 Topics: CSPs, Digital Consumer, Digital Services

Virtually everywhere you look, the digital world is creating opportunities for communications service providers (CSPs) to make more money on content, and also, to find clever new ways for consumers to pay for it.

Particularly for younger generations who prefer to manage their finances through mobile devices than in front of a bank teller—the unglamorous notion of being able to take a payment in multiple ways is quickly becoming one of the most critical components of a CSPs digital strategy.

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Turning a Digital Browser into a Digital Consumer

Posted by Brice Clinton on August 13, 2014 Topics: Digital Content, Digital Consumer

The average internet user visits 94 different pages per day, and has an attention span of a staggering 8 seconds per page. In our technologically scatterbrained culture, capturing the digital consumer’s attention is proving ever more challenging.

So what makes a digital browser break through to become a digital consumer in those 8 seconds? As a Digital Service Provider (DSP), this is the operative question. What does a consumer expect an online experience to be, how do they interact while there, and most importantly – how do you keep them within the bounds of that experience and interacting with your brand?

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