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“Shall We Play A Game?” Using Cyber Sports to Boost Security Preparedness

Posted by Jessica Gulick on December 4, 2014 Topics: Cybersecurity

Cyber is a team sport. On the playing field as in the security operations center, skills matter. But trust, communication, and teamwork matter more. Cyber sports teach security professionals to think critically and creatively about offense and defense, about the measures and counter-measures associated with every move. Teams can’t win without training, without adequate preparation and the proper equipment. Anticipating and simulating opponents’ attack scenarios between games help teams prepare from week to week for each new rival.

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Cybersecurity Automation – Putting Feet Back on the Street

Posted by Juan Vela on July 31, 2014 Topics: Cybersecurity

It’s high drama on a TV show when a beat cop or lead detective gets re-assigned to desk duty. Career angst and shouting matches erupt when these passionate characters are busted down to pushing paper instead of making a difference as feet on the street. Having started my career in a Security Operations Center, I can attest that, while there may be less drama, it’s an equally cold splash of water to the face when security operations personnel discover their days are consumed by the administration of ticketing and notifications for thousands of hastily validated events instead of actively pursuing the complex threats and evil actors stalking the perimeter and testing an enterprise’s defenses.

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Fraud Management and Cybersecurity: Not Dissimilar Business Issues

Posted by Jessica Gulick on July 8, 2014 Topics: Cybersecurity

In the digital era, it’s clear that the temptation of stealing small—albeit costly—things lurks around every corner. Whether it’s minutes, downloads, data, or personal information, whether through fraud or cyber-attacks, thieves are stealing from service providers, and in addition to the valuable bits and bytes they’ve pocketed, are stealing away the customers’ trust.

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Change the Rules on Cybersecurity Intruders!

Posted by Paul Nguyen on June 19, 2014 Topics: Cybersecurity

“It's against the rules.” In our house, my significant other and I love to quote the character Cartman from the TV show “South Park,” and of course, follow-up with his tidy explanation, “I don’t make the rules, ma’am; I just think them up and write them down.” Luckily at home, it’s said with humor and affection. Too often in the cybersecurity realm, hackers are malevolently writing the rulebook and enterprises are playing along—much to their detriment. It’s time for enterprise, especially those trusted with protecting critical infrastructure, to start re-writing the rules.

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Bringing the Board Onboard for Cybersecurity

Posted by Jessica Gulick on April 22, 2014 Topics: Cybersecurity

Who hasn’t seen a team with the top players in the sport—a seemingly undefeatable team—lose when it’s all on the line? Ultimately, despite their many advantages, the team’s strategy unravels.

This same thing happens all too frequently in security. You’ve hired the very best people that money can buy and implemented the latest and greatest systems for detection, remediation, etc., but breaches still happen. Worse yet, these breaches can go undetected for months resulting in the loss of data and eroding customer trust.

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The Best Cybersecurity Defense is a Machine-Speed Offense

Posted by Paul Nguyen on March 20, 2014 Topics: Cybersecurity

Earlier in my career, I was lucky enough to turn my interests in security into a career as a white hathacker supporting a multitude of customers.  It was great to be exposed to the hacker mentality and understanding the thought process and mechanics of breaking into systems for my customers as a simulated attack. 

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