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2014 Americas Executive Forum Insights for CSPs

Posted by Rob Kunzler on April 17, 2014 Topics: CSG Insights, Business Support Systems (BSS)

With the pace of change accelerating for many Communication Service Providers (CSPs), it’s no surprise there was plenty to talk about when we gathered at CSG’s recent annual Americas Executive Forum.  

CSG’s premier event for our clients in North and Latin America brought together a network of peers and experts to share different perspectives on the industry and innovative ideas they are applying to the challenges of competing in a rapidly transforming marketplace. 

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What’s the Great Disruptor for CSPs?

Posted by David Heaps on April 9, 2014 Topics: CSG Insights, Business Support Systems (BSS)

With so much transformation being brought about by digital technologies, there has never been a more exciting time for Communication Service Providers (CSPs).  And there has never been a more challenging one, either.

Usually when an industry goes through a significant period of challenge and opportunity, it’s because a “great disruptor” has entered the picture. You might think the great disruptor in the picture today is the digital lifestyle, but at an even higher level, I think it’s still the Internet itself.

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Creating an Innovation Culture Within CSPs

Posted by Bret Griess on March 27, 2014 Topics: CSG Insights

We hear and see this single word virtually everywhere these days: innovation.

In the technology industry, it’s an often overused term intended to give the impression that a company is way ahead of the curve when it comes to anticipating what their clients need to be successful in the future.

To me, regardless of the industry, inventing new ways to solve old problems is really at the heart of innovation. 

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Welcome to CSG Insights

Posted by Rob Kunzler on March 11, 2014 Topics: CSG Insights, Business Support Systems (BSS)

The pace of change is accelerating.

We’re all part of a digital lifestyle that has transformed the way we work, the way we play, live and learn—and it has dramatically changed the competitive landscape among the companies that deliver these services. Regardless of geography, industry or market, businesses that are competing to deliver video, cloud services, mobile content and anything else that you can access from a tablet or smartphone, are facing significant challenges and opportunities. 

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