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Need a New Strategy to Drive Customer Engagement? Just Add Video

Posted by Scott Ortiz on December 19, 2014 Topics: Cable Operations, Customer Experience

Let's face it we could all use a content diet.  Frankly, many suffer from information overload.  First came print, then radio & television, the Internet, and now every imaginable form of content is available to you virtually anywhere/anytime via your mobile device. 

You don't have to go far to find research that supports the importance of the "customer experience," delivered along with all that content.  To create an intentional and meaningful customer experience can require considering every facet of how a customer interacts with their service provider, right down to the monthly bill.  You may not think that the monthly bill is a likely place for innovation to improve the customer experience, but take a closer look. 

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Survey Says Cable Should Offer the Next “Uber" Experience

Posted by Scott Dutton on November 13, 2014 Topics: Cable Operations, Field Service Automation

In a recent blog post, I posed the question, “are cable and satellite customers ready for a more Uber-like experience?”

When it comes to service visits in the home, a recent independent survey of 400 consumers in the U.S. conducted by CSG International gives us the answer—and it is a resounding “Yes!” In fact, 54% of our survey respondents said they are either interested or highly interested in using an Uber-like mobile application to keep them informed of where their cable or satellite service technician is and what the ETA is to their home. 

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Can Cable Operators Adopt an Uber-like Customer Experience?

Posted by Scott Dutton on July 17, 2014 Topics: Cable Operations, Field Service Automation

With millions of apps available for smartphones, it’s no surprise that many businesses are looking to enhance their mobile platforms to deliver a better customer experience. 

Many cable operators such as Comcast, DISH and Charter Communications are already offering customer care apps today. While these apps focus largely on enabling consumers to watch their favorite shows across multiple devices, many operators are also enabling consumers to pay their bills, troubleshoot technical issues and hold live chats with customer care.

When it comes to cable and satellite companies, the end-game for delivering an unparalleled customer experience must include mobility as part of the overall customer interaction strategy —particularly as it relates to technicians visiting a subscriber’s home to install, upgrade or troubleshoot service.

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'Inspiration Everywhere' for Cable Ops and Subscribers

This week in Los Angeles, the 2014 Cable Show kicked off under the theme of 'Inspiration Everywhere.'  It was clear after the first day's opening session that the cable industry is indeed inspired by the appetite for digital content and has its collective eye trained on taking content delivery to the next level.

Across the many executives who took the stage at the opening session, a common theme emerged - the ability to deliver content across a variety of devices from a single account is the next big key to winning consumer loyalty and wallet share.

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Fulfilling the On-Time Service Guarantee: a Field Service Guide

I am often asked by our North American cable clients for strategies to leverage the field force to improve the overall customer experience.  For me, the first step to building customer loyalty and satisfaction is showing up at the door on-time, when you say you will.

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