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LTE - the Wholesale Angle

Posted by Robert Machin on October 16, 2014 Topics: Business Support Systems (BSS), LTE, 4G

LTE is now firmly-established as the new reality in mobile - already deeply embedded in the US and in developed Asian markets, it’s fast securing a foothold in most other regions too. Clearly, people like it – it’s a technology that enhances their personal and their business life, untethering them from PCs and laptops, while letting them take their digital activity into any location they choose, unconstrained, even by WiFi.  

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For CSPs Serving the ‘New’ Enterprise, the 3 P’s are Critical

With the start of a new school year upon us, many of us are focused on the so-called three R’s: reading, ‘riting, and ‘rithmetic. But for the average Communications Service Provider (CSP), for whom one-third of its revenue comes from enterprise customers, the focus should remain squarely on the 3 P’s: personalization, partners, and profitability.

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Real-Time Convergent Charging and Policy Drives Next Wave of Innovation

It was just 18 months ago that TM Forum research revealed that none of the CSPs polled in its survey had fully implemented real-time charging, much less combined charging and policy, to tap into the growing potential of OTT revenue streams.

So here we are 18 months later and TM Forum reports a much different picture. Its new global research says that 95 percent of CSPs agree or strongly agree that they cannot remain competitive without implementing real time convergent charging (RTCC) and policy management. While it looks like a dramatic shift, it’s not surprising to me given the work we’re doing with our market-leading customers.

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For CSPs, a Multitude of Partners Means a Multitude of new Demands

In my neck of the woods (I live in Australia), Telstra is one of the providers that is frequently called out as leading the charge in delivering digital services. A quick look at their website reveals a plethora of choices for consumer and business customers alike – from video-on-demand and TV anywhere to M2M tracking solutions and Telehealth services.  As Digital Service Providers go, they’re right up there.

But they’re not providing these services and solutions alone. As Telstra are doing, many CSPs are sourcing digital services from partners. After all, they can't bring them all to market from internal sources, and partnering is probably the quickest and easiest way to work with a third party (compared say with M&A or even joint ventures).

We're finding that as CSPs enter into more partnerships, they're encountering a number of unexpected challenges…

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Cash in on the Digital Lifestyle: 5 Questions Cable Operators Must Ask

My family is probably like yours; we subscribe to a bundled cable service, and spend at least another $30-50 on content from OTT providers like Redbox, Amazon and Apple, every month.  Working with cable providers every day gives me a unique perspective on each of those content purchases and just how big the opportunity to profit from the digital lifestyle really is. 

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What’s a CSPs Best Policy in a Virtualised World?

Posted by Robert Machin on May 27, 2014 Topics: Business Support Systems (BSS), CSPs

Policy control and charging (PCC) is now an accepted part of the Communications Service Provider (CSP) landscape, both controlling access to services and resources and encouraging their use. But how well does PCC fit with the new trend towards Network Functions Virtualisation (NFV)? Can PCC and NFV act together to give CSPs the agility they need to meet customer expectations? Or will virtualisation’s shortcomings undermine the customer responsiveness that PCC now allows?

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Can Mobile Operators Fight Back Against Interconnect Fraud?

With more than $2 billion USD of revenue lost every year to interconnect fraud, it’s no wonder why mobile operators around the world are focused on reducing illegal bypass termination, which represents the single largest contributor to interconnect fraud.

To circumvent calling rates, many subscribers in emerging markets have multiple phones to take advantage of offers that allow them to talk for free to subscribers on the same network. The same idea applies to termination of calls: by using multiple mobile phones (with multiple SIM cards) for each network, illegal terminators can direct calls onto the corresponding network. Calls will come into the country over the internet to a specific connection, then terminate via a mobile phone (or a rack of SIMs) which are in reality connected to the imposter’s computer. 

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The New CSP OTT Content Model (it's more than alphabet soup...)

The discussion at The Cable Show last week centered around US cable operators' evolution to support new content models, and in the discussion, I heard echoes of a global trend—Communication Service Providers (CSPs) are managing change around the world and considering what it will take to stay relevant and profitable amidst the growing consumer demand for content.
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'Inspiration Everywhere' for Cable Ops and Subscribers

This week in Los Angeles, the 2014 Cable Show kicked off under the theme of 'Inspiration Everywhere.'  It was clear after the first day's opening session that the cable industry is indeed inspired by the appetite for digital content and has its collective eye trained on taking content delivery to the next level.

Across the many executives who took the stage at the opening session, a common theme emerged - the ability to deliver content across a variety of devices from a single account is the next big key to winning consumer loyalty and wallet share.

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2014 Americas Executive Forum Insights for CSPs

Posted by Rob Kunzler on April 17, 2014 Topics: CSG Insights, Business Support Systems (BSS)

With the pace of change accelerating for many Communication Service Providers (CSPs), it’s no surprise there was plenty to talk about when we gathered at CSG’s recent annual Americas Executive Forum.  

CSG’s premier event for our clients in North and Latin America brought together a network of peers and experts to share different perspectives on the industry and innovative ideas they are applying to the challenges of competing in a rapidly transforming marketplace. 

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