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Can CSPs Still Beat Netflix?

Posted by Robert Machin on February 11, 2016 Topics: Digital Content, Customer Experience, DSP

The attraction of online video was well-established long before Netflix launched in 130 countries this January. Viewers have been buying video at an ever‐increasing rate, seduced by one-click access and easy consumption on smart devices, and by an ever-expanding range of providers and content. For subscribers and viewers, these are happy days. For Netflix’ competitors, perhaps less so.

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The Internet of Things: is the Game Worth the Candle?

Posted by Robert Machin on January 14, 2016 Topics: IoT

"Perhaps the Play is not worth the Candle" (Works, by Sir William Temple, circa 1690) 

Or to put it another way – will the cost of the game exceed any winnings that you could possibly walk away with?  Is it even worth sitting down to play?

As games go, the IoT is about as exciting a thing as we have seen in ICT since the advent of consumer mobile communications, and the industry is savouring the prospect of – at last! – a credible new source of revenue.

As with all innovations, however, it begs some questions.

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Optimize Operations for Digital Growth – a Managed Services Playbook

Posted by Richard Ullenius on December 4, 2015 Topics: Managed Services

The forecasts that envision 50 billion connected devices by 2017 are simply staggering. The volume of data is one thing, but how communications service providers (CSPs) can apply valuable resources to transforming their business to support digital services, rather than managing data, connectivity and infrastructure, is another thing entirely. 

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Content Will Always be King, but Context is Key 

Posted by Robert Machin on September 16, 2015 Topics: Digital Content

Profiting from digital content is about encouraging today’s always-connected consumers to see the communications service provider (CSP) as their default go-to source of entertainment (not just communications) in a market where they don’t lack for choice.

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The Sky’s the Limit to Support IoT Growth from the Cloud

Posted by Monica Ricci on August 14, 2015 Topics: IoT

The number of connected things – the Internet of Things (IoT) – grows each day.  Many IoT things are low-tech and unlikely to stimulate a business model revolution (tracking personal belongings through a Tile device, or remotely turning off your home lighting), and many others are downright silly (does anyone remember the connected fork that transmits your eating pace to a smartphone app?).  But these are surpassed by IoT use cases that offer the potential to transform entire industries and individual lifestyles. 

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No Bank Account to Pay for Digital Services? No Problem!

Posted by Chad Dunavant on July 10, 2015 Topics: CSPs, Digital Consumer, Digital Services

Virtually everywhere you look, the digital world is creating opportunities for communications service providers (CSPs) to make more money on content, and also, to find clever new ways for consumers to pay for it.

Particularly for younger generations who prefer to manage their finances through mobile devices than in front of a bank teller—the unglamorous notion of being able to take a payment in multiple ways is quickly becoming one of the most critical components of a CSPs digital strategy.

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DSPs: the Modern World’s Purveyors of Bottled Water

Posted by Brice Clinton on May 1, 2015 Topics: Digital Content, Customer Experience, DSP

I hope there’s someone reading this out there who remembers an age when drinking water came out of a tap, a drinking fountain, or for some of us, even a hose. Perhaps like mine, your parents railed against the expense of bottled water: “Who in their right mind would pay for something you can get for free?” That childhood has passed us by, and so too has the aversion to paying for those once free amenities, like water. We love the speed, the convenience, and the peace of mind that the prepackaging brings – not unlike our growing love of convenient content, pre-packaged and ready to consume.

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Quality Matters: No one Likes a Cliff-hanger When it Comes to SMS

Posted by Martin Jansson on April 21, 2015 Topics: Wholesale, SMS

If you’re anything like the average person, you’ve probably never associated “quality” with an SMS message. When the text “R U coming to judo applecakes?” popped up from your friend, you probably figured auto-correct just screwed something up. But for businesses, advertisers, and government agencies that are using SMS for everything from emergency notifications and appointment reminders to event invitations, discounts and coupons, ensuring the accuracy and delivery of these 160-character messages is paramount.

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Customer Communication: Picking Up Where We Left Off

Posted by Sue Freitik on April 9, 2015 Topics: Customer Experience

I have some dear friends who I only speak to every six months or so—and sometimes we go longer than that!—but when we touch base it’s like no time has passed since we last spoke. I cherish these friendships, and my friends’ ready acceptance to pick up right where we left off. I count on them to be there with whatever I need, so it shouldn’t be surprising that I expect that same consistent relationship with the businesses that I trust to hold my money, my personal details, and that know my communication and purchase preferences perhaps even better than my friends.

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Sketching the Industrial Landscape at Mobile World Congress

Posted by Robert Machin on March 13, 2015 Topics: Mobile World Congress, IoT

As ever, there was plenty of industry activity and opinion at Mobile World Congress – 5G? so soon? – but the trends that promise to  have  an immediate impact on the BSS were focused on the emerging  Internet of Things (IoT)  which seemed this year to be moving beyond speculation into some kind of reality, not least in a welcome evolution of its vocabulary.

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