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Survey Says Cable Should Offer the Next “Uber" Experience

Posted by Scott Dutton on November 13, 2014 Topics: Cable Operations, Field Service Automation

CSG International | Survey ResultsIn a recent blog post, I posed the question, “are cable and satellite customers ready for a more Uber-like experience?”

When it comes to service visits in the home, a recent independent survey of 400 consumers in the U.S. conducted by CSG International gives us the answer—and it is a resounding “Yes!” In fact, 54% of our survey respondents said they are either interested or highly interested in using an Uber-like mobile application to keep them informed of where their cable or satellite service technician is and what the ETA is to their home. 

Before I get to the rest of our survey results, let’s first outline what I mean by an “Uber-like” customer experience. With Uber, consumers have all the control: they can tell the app when they need service and what they are willing to pay for it.  

While Uber’s innovative platform makes it easy for consumers to use, it still comes down to the in-person experience users have once the driver shows up. Were they courteous and friendly? Did they have bottled water and gum at the ready?

When it comes down to it, even in the hyper-connected digital age consumers expect a perfected blend of innovative technology and good old fashioned communications. And, it turns out, the expectations of cable and satellite consumers are no different.  

Based on our survey, U.S. cable and satellite consumers want their service provider to:

  • Make it easier to schedule a technician online or via mobile device. In fact, 97.5% of consumers said they were either interested or highly interested in having the capability of scheduling technician visits to their home or business either online or via a mobile device as an alternative to requesting service via a call center.
  • Tell them who’s coming to the home and if they qualified to perform the service. Nearly 70% said they wanted the service provider to provide them with the name of their technician before they arrive and 65% said they want a picture of their technician.
  • Tell them how the technician is rated by other customers. Our survey showed that 38.7% want the service ratings of the technician from other consumers. Slightly more than one-third (32.7%) want information about how long a technician has worked for the company, while 25.3% want the reviews made by other consumers of their visiting technician.

Even in a hyper connected, multi-device world, our survey highlights this truth: consumers still want an authentic experience from their service provider—particularly when it comes to a cable technician’s visit on their own turf.  

So how can service providers meet this goal? We see three opportunities:

  • They must focus on ensuring customer care and operational systems are at the ready to optimize the technician’s visit in the first place. This means incorporating the most innovative technologies that optimize technicians and their routes, such as GPS, scheduling and dynamic routing capabilities.
  • They must consider adding other solutions to ensure proactive communications with their customer, including automated messages and phone calls to provide updates on a pending appointment and online troubleshooting capabilities.
  • They must ensure that all systems involved in the customer experience work seamlessly together, including billing, order management and field force management.  

The good news is that the tools are available to deliver the next generation of customer care solutions to consumers of cable and satellite services. By combining the best of what technology has to offer with a high-quality human interaction, how could a service provider go wrong?

Click here to download the full report on our survey findings:

 CSG International | Survey Results



Scott Dutton

Scott Dutton is a Director of Product Management at CSG International.