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Monica Ricci

Monica Ricci is Executive Director of Product Marketing at CSG International.

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Survey Says: If Content is King, Customer Experience Management is the Power Behind the Throne

Posted by Monica Ricci on May 18, 2016

CSG recently commissioned a survey to explore consumer use of streaming video services and the impact that all of this streaming has on Pay TV services. After all, news about streaming video viewership is inescapable, leaving us with the unshakable impression that we all do nothing but click and watch, and we wondered, how much of that perception is true?

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The Sky’s the Limit to Support IoT Growth from the Cloud

Posted by Monica Ricci on August 14, 2015 Topics: IoT

The number of connected things – the Internet of Things (IoT) – grows each day.  Many IoT things are low-tech and unlikely to stimulate a business model revolution (tracking personal belongings through a Tile device, or remotely turning off your home lighting), and many others are downright silly (does anyone remember the connected fork that transmits your eating pace to a smartphone app?).  But these are surpassed by IoT use cases that offer the potential to transform entire industries and individual lifestyles. 

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For CSPs Serving the ‘New’ Enterprise, the 3 P’s are Critical

With the start of a new school year upon us, many of us are focused on the so-called three R’s: reading, ‘riting, and ‘rithmetic. But for the average Communications Service Provider (CSP), for whom one-third of its revenue comes from enterprise customers, the focus should remain squarely on the 3 P’s: personalization, partners, and profitability.

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‘Connected Things’ Requires a Connected Customer Experience

Posted by Monica Ricci on June 3, 2014 Topics: Customer Experience

You've heard the term and probably read stories about smart homes where the toaster talks to the smoke detector—or the mom who starts a load of laundry with the click of a button on her smart phone while en route to the kids’ soccer game.  

Some call this the Internet of Everything. Machine to Machine (M2M). Even the Internet of Things (which already has an acronym: IoT).

Call it what you will, but the reality is this: behind every IoT device is a network of enterprises that purchase, implement and operate these solutions.  What’s at stake for these companies?

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