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Chad Dunavant is Vice President of Product Management at CSG International.

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Single-Hub for Content: Why App Stores are a Model for Cable Providers

 Like many consumers, I review my card statements monthly to make sure everything is on track. Last month, I couldn’t help but notice the sheer number of content services I’m subscribed to. From Spotify to HBO Now, from Netflix to Hulu to Showtime, you name it, I’m probably subscribed to it (on top of my cable package). That’s a lot of recurring payments to stay on top of every month, not to mention the fact that as a consumer of content, it’s a bit of a disjointed experience, shifting from one app to another or trying to remember which movie or TV show is available where.

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Why Netflix Needs Cable Partnerships

We are living in a new era of content viewing. In the last decade, streaming services like Netflix and Hulu have changed the game when it comes to giving consumers access to their favorite shows anytime, anywhere. However, recent figures show that previously explosive adoption rates might now be slowing down. In fact, Netflix recently announced its weakest subscriber expansion in three years.

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FOMO: Fear of Missing Out on Digital Service Revenues

There are several American consumer brands whose recent ads focused on FOMO (fear of missing out).  More than just an abbreviation you might see on Twitter, I suspect it’s a global phenomenon that’s spreading quickly, especially among cable companies and mobile operators, content producers, broadcasters, and movie studios. With content monetization models in flux, you’d be crazy NOT to fear missing out on the critical incremental revenues to be gained by exploring skinnier bundles, new streaming channels or direct-to-consumer offerings. Especially as these provide a means to retain customers that might be flirting with other service providers.

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No Bank Account to Pay for Digital Services? No Problem!

Posted by Chad Dunavant on July 10, 2015 Topics: CSPs, Digital Consumer, Digital Services

Virtually everywhere you look, the digital world is creating opportunities for communications service providers (CSPs) to make more money on content, and also, to find clever new ways for consumers to pay for it.

Particularly for younger generations who prefer to manage their finances through mobile devices than in front of a bank teller—the unglamorous notion of being able to take a payment in multiple ways is quickly becoming one of the most critical components of a CSPs digital strategy.

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The Four ‘Must-haves’ that Transform CSPs into DSPs

Posted by Chad Dunavant on February 27, 2015 Topics: Digital Services, Digital Service Providers

I know I’m getting (just a little!) older because I can clearly remember how cool I thought it’d be to have a camera on my mobile phone. Now there’s a generation that can hardly imagine taking pictures and videos any other way; and not only that, their phone holds a plethora of apps to help them edit, save, and share them too.   Features that just yesterday were “cool ideas” have turned into today’s “must-haves.”

The Internet has revolutionized how we all must do business and nowhere is that fact more evident than in the race to capture wallet share for digital services.

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Cash in on the Digital Lifestyle: 5 Questions Cable Operators Must Ask

My family is probably like yours; we subscribe to a bundled cable service, and spend at least another $30-50 on content from OTT providers like Redbox, Amazon and Apple, every month.  Working with cable providers every day gives me a unique perspective on each of those content purchases and just how big the opportunity to profit from the digital lifestyle really is. 

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The New CSP OTT Content Model (it's more than alphabet soup...)

The discussion at The Cable Show last week centered around US cable operators' evolution to support new content models, and in the discussion, I heard echoes of a global trend—Communication Service Providers (CSPs) are managing change around the world and considering what it will take to stay relevant and profitable amidst the growing consumer demand for content.
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Confessions of a Multi-Screen Addict

Posted by Chad Dunavant on March 12, 2014 Topics: Digital Content, Multi-screen

I am a multi-screen addict. I’m that person who watches one show on TV while streaming another on my iPad (with a quick check of Facebook on my mobile phone) and I know I’m not alone. I am constantly on the road and being able to catch-up on the latest episode of True Detective is a must.

Communications Service Providers (CSPs) all around the world are scrambling to align networks and services to better serve multi-screen consumers like me who are engaged online while simultaneously watching TV.

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