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Brice Clinton is a Senior Engineer for CSG International and an adjunct professor at Northwestern University.

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NFL in the Age of Twitter: How the Sports Content Viewing Model is Changing

As we approach the end of 2016, football fans are setting their sights on the NFL Playoffs and gearing up for the culmination of their teams’ yearlong efforts – the Super Bowl. As an avid Indianapolis Colts fan, I find myself mired in playoff speculation and debating my team’s (slim) chances. But as the year (a forgettable one for a Colts fan) draws to a close, something else about not only football, but sports overall has struck me -  not the wins or the (many) losses, or the player trades or injuries, but the way we as fans watch it.

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March Madness in the Multiscreen Era

Posted by Brice Clinton on April 1, 2016 Topics: Multiscreen

To say my March Madness bracket is busted would be an understatement - how did you fare?  Even if my (and most prognosticators) top picks are out, it has never been a better time to be a sports fan.  From real time stats to live streaming, you can bring the game with you wherever you go.  Need proof? There were over 80 million live streams for March Madness in 2015 and that number is only going one direction – up.

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DSPs: the Modern World’s Purveyors of Bottled Water

Posted by Brice Clinton on May 1, 2015 Topics: Digital Content, Customer Experience, DSP

I hope there’s someone reading this out there who remembers an age when drinking water came out of a tap, a drinking fountain, or for some of us, even a hose. Perhaps like mine, your parents railed against the expense of bottled water: “Who in their right mind would pay for something you can get for free?” That childhood has passed us by, and so too has the aversion to paying for those once free amenities, like water. We love the speed, the convenience, and the peace of mind that the prepackaging brings – not unlike our growing love of convenient content, pre-packaged and ready to consume.

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Turning a Digital Browser into a Digital Consumer

Posted by Brice Clinton on August 13, 2014 Topics: Digital Content, Digital Consumer

The average internet user visits 94 different pages per day, and has an attention span of a staggering 8 seconds per page. In our technologically scatterbrained culture, capturing the digital consumer’s attention is proving ever more challenging.

So what makes a digital browser break through to become a digital consumer in those 8 seconds? As a Digital Service Provider (DSP), this is the operative question. What does a consumer expect an online experience to be, how do they interact while there, and most importantly – how do you keep them within the bounds of that experience and interacting with your brand?

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Consumers to the Digital Content Experience: “Just Let Me Buy This!”

Posted by Brice Clinton on June 25, 2014 Topics: Digital Content, Customer Experience

Amidst the sensory overload of the digital evolution, it’s ironic to me that a mundane thing like how to pay, and how easy it is to pay, can mean the difference between a loyal customer and a one-time purchase. Ironic but true; the day I couldn’t cash in my gift card to watch “The Monuments Men” sent me searching to make my purchase elsewhere.

As a Digital Service Provider (DSP), capturing the hearts and minds of consumers like me requires the ultimate flexibility in meeting expectation for easy methods to purchase digital content.  DSPs know that consumers are willing to pay for their favorite content – the question has become – how easy can you make it for consumers to buy quickly and conveniently?

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